Tuunich celebrates the contrast of light and dark, combining volcanic rock from Mexico with lighting objects and plants. 


Faith, beauty, and tranquility are some traditional values that resemble the landscape of the volcano, contrasted alongside power, chaos and force associated with its Underland. 


By combing this heavy monolithic stone with lighter objects of lamps and plants the contrast between light and dark, power and beauty is emphasized. This exciting raw material chosen for this collection is called ‘Recinto’. It is a natural charcoal black coloured volcanic rock with a porous textured surface, that is dense in weight.

We are highlighting the natural qualities of this stone by sculpturing the form into objects, and championing its look as a raw material. 


Through the collaboration with Mexican craftsmen, located in the state of Queretaro, we are trying support local communities and preserve the beautiful craft of stone carving, that is typical in the region.


After carving the objects, they are finished with a natural lacquer. This turns the stone from a dusty light grey colour into a deep dark grey colour, which is then ready to be used as a lamp or vase. 

The cord of the lamps can be customised in various colours, adding a playful element to the elegant objects.