The Capti collection values the repetition of both line and curve to generate simple forms, which are shaped into distinctive pieces of furniture. The works are visually inspired by the botanical elements of seed capsules and flowers.


This furniture collection aims to be aesthetically playful, combining both artistic value and utility.


The collection hybridises natural forms with functionality, creating designs that are sensorial and interactive, aiming to bring a small piece of nature into where we both live and work.


The furniture is made from formed mild steel strips and shaped Oak hardwood, which are designed together to integrate material, aesthetic and function in one piece.

Mild steel has been used for its visual lightness, constructional strength, shape bending qualities and durability. Alongside the steel, natural materials such as the Oak is used for its durability, quality and natural beauty of wood grain that is contrasted against the colour of the powder-coated steel.

The steel elements are manufactured by a British metal worker; the wooden parts are laminated in the Studio Nuup workshop and CNC machined.​

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